Bird Hunting

Daily Rates

A full day hunt with us includes a morning goose hunt, a mid day Upland hunt, and an evening Duck or Sandhill Crane hunt. Our rate is $900 US / day / hunter. This includes dogs and all required equipment - guide, dogs, blinds, decoys etc. We offer a discount for armed forces veterans. Currently booking for 2018 hunting season.

3 Day Package

A full 3 day hunt with the same 3 individual hunts each day. Rate is $2500 US / hunter.

Ammo & Bird Processing


Ammo is available at fair market value from us - 3" steel waterfowl loads and various upland loads in 20 and 12 guage will cover all your shooting scenarios. If you require different ammo - eg.- 3 1/2" - please give us advance notice and we will procure whatever you need.

There is no charge for processing all upland birds for international travel. There is a small charge per duck / goose.