Hunt Details

Our daily lineup includes 3 unique hunts taking advantage of the diversity of the area. First light will find you in a blind for geese. Although we have the option of field decoy shooting from lay-in blinds, we specialize in wing shooting the flight paths of feeding geese along the side of grain fields from comfortable sit in blinds and labradors to pick up all birds - just stand and shoot !. The middle of each day is spent over pointing dogs enjoying the epic numbers of Huns and the impressive numbers of sharptail grouse. The agriculture fields mixed with native grassland & sandhills allows for awesome upland hunting and very seldom do we ever have to hunt directly in the cactus areas. The evening hunt targets feeding ducks - either staging in a pothole slough or right in the feed field - either way these are decoy hunts. The other option is hunting the waves of Sandhill Cranes - again in the field or at the water providing they are on seperate roost from ducks and geese.

Food and Lodging

 Burstall boasts 2 motels that are comfortable, affordable, have kitchenettes / WIFI and are dog friendly. There are 2 restaurants, a bar, gas station and general store in town that can cover all of your needs. 

Travel and Vehicle

Burstall is between Calgary, AB. and Regina SK - approx 4 hrs distance. We are closer to Saskatoon, SK - 2.5 hrs and Swift Current SK - 2 hrs. The closest city is Medicine Hat, AB. just 1 hr to the South. Pick up service is available from any of these fly in destinations for a fee, however we strongly recommend renting a truck / SUV for your trip.