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Waterfowl Saskatchewan

Sean & Sam Clarke - Owners / Outfitters / Guides - 70 yrs combined experience.

About Us and Our Hunts

Goose Hunting Saskatchewan

Clouds of geese going for breakfast. We emphasize wing shooting on the side of feed fields from Avian X A-Frame blinds. The area's terrain allows this to be very effective on the  swarms of Specklebellys and local greater Cans in September, and all the Cans, Ross, Snows and Specs that roll through from later September and all of October. This style of hunting requires minimal setup and allows the hunters to rise a bit later and be fresh for the day's upland hunt.

Upland Hunting

After an exciting am hunt  it is time to go chase the unparalled numbers of Hungarian Partridge - this area holds the highest density of Huns in North America. Sharptail grouse are also in very high numbers. We emphasize quality upland hunting over pointers in fantastic cover and terrain.

Duck Hunting Saskatchewan

To wrap up a day on the SW Saskatchewan prairie, we go after the hungry local and migrating ducks in the crop fields or staging sloughs. Motorized decoys and alluring decoy spreads make this a perfect way to enjoy the sunset. Or if Sandhill Cranes are your interest, we can wing shoot the huge numbers over land or water. Lots of options for a perfect ending to a great day of Saskatchewan bird hunting.

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Exclusive bird outfitter in area of 1250 sq. miles.

Come experience the unique country surrounding Burstall in SW Saskatchewan and see monster mule and whitetail deer while chasing all the game birds that the grain fields, sloughs and sand hills have to offer.